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Residential Treatment

Our programs and services are person centered, strength based, trauma informed, family centered, and culturally responsive.

Residential Treatment for Substance Use (ASAM Certified: 3.5 LOC)

Programs and services provided in Jackson and Josephine Counties

Ontrack Residential Treatment provides substance use treatment for individuals assessed at a 3.5 ASAM level of care. Our residential programs provide services and support 24 hours a day, seven-days a week and include a wide range of evidence based groups, skills training, and wellness oriented activities designed to support individuals on their path to recovery.

All our services are strengths based and treat individuals with dignity and respect. We welcome family involvement and visits that support healthy connections and recovery. We offer care coordination, collaboration with medical and mental health professionals, and coordinate with MAT clinics and pharmacies to ensure access to medication to support recovery (MAT).

Individuals in residential treatment meet with their care team on a regular basis to begin discharge/transition planning, celebrate successes, and problem solve challenges. The care team and individual collaborate to determine length of treatment and plans for discharging to a lower level of care.

Ontrack Team Building

Dad’s Program

Medford, OR

Provides treatment for up to ten custodial fathers and their children ages five and under allowing men a chance to overcome substance use and gain the skills needed to live healthy lives while maintaining custody of their young children/child. OnTrack Rogue Valley’s Dad’s Program is the only residential treatment facility in the State of Oregon, licensed by Oregon Health Authority, that allows custodial fathers’ children to reside with them while in treatment.

Watch: Dad's Program | OnTrack Rogue Valley

OnTrack Residential: Dad's Program
OnTrack Residential: Mom's Program

HOME Program (Mom’s Program)

Medford, OR

Provides treatment for up to 24 mothers and their children ages five and under. The mom’s program is for pregnant and parenting women, allowing them to overcome substance use and gain the skills needed to live healthy lives while maintaining custody of their child/children, The mom’s program has a licensed childcare center on-site.

Watch: HOME Program (Mom’s Program) | OnTrack Rogue Valley

Mountain View Recovery Center

Grants Pass, OR

Provides substance use treatment for up to 16 adults of all genders. Mountain View Recovery Center (MVRC) provides evidence based, individualized treatment in a safe, trauma informed environment. Single occupancy, ADA accessible bedrooms and bathrooms create a safe, supportive environment for all people.

OnTrack Residential: Mountain View Recovery Center

Emergency Lodging, Launching Summer 2023

Medford, OR

OnTrack Rogue Valley provides low-barrier emergency lodging for individuals who are unsafely housed and on the waitlist for residential treatment.

Guests of emergency lodging are connected with a case manager and peer support specialist while waiting for a residential treatment bed to become available.

OnTrack is managing OASIS of the Rogue Valley’s emergency lodging facilities for pregnant women and is scheduled to open a second site in August 2023. These beds will be available for individuals who are unsafely housed and on the waitlist for any residential treatment programs or withdrawal management (detox) beds.

OnTrack Rogue Valley and Oasis Center of the Rogue Valley Emergency Lodging
Coming Soon

Cobblestone Family Treatment Campus (2024-2026)

The Cobblestone Family Treatment Campus will provide holistic family-centered treatment that is trauma-informed, accessible, and culturally responsive.

To Apply for Residential Services

Call the Access Department at 541-200-2403
To make a referral to residential treatment, please email the Access Department at

Accredited by CARF International

OnTrack is accredited by CARF International. This demonstrates an agency’s quality, transparency, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services.

ASAM Certified (American Society of Addiction Medicine)