Who We Are

Executive Director: Sommer Wolcott
Sommer Wolcott has been with OnTrack Rogue Valley since October 2018. Prior to that, she was the residential director and program manager at youth mental health provider Kairos. She has also directed treatment programs at Youth Villages, Christie Care of Oregon, and the Albertina Kerr Center. She holds an MS in Counseling Rehabilitation from Portland State University and a BA in Psychology from Western Oregon University, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).


Executive Assistant
Christine Cardona



Housing Director
Joann Garcia



Finance Director
Doug Kosty



It Director Shant Palanjian

IT Director
Shant Palanjian



Communications Director
Eddie Wallace



Senior Director of Administrative Services
Pam Wallize



Clinical Operations/Residential Director
Katrin Yount




Human Resources: Shirley Guches

Finance: Beth Carns, Bill Coyne, Mike Lemieux, Art Soffner

Billing: Jenn Albrecht (manager), Wendy Gullickson, Angela Warling

Quality Assurance: Regina Mannino

Health Information Manager: Michelle Sariee

IT/Data: Nick Claflin, Christina Nunn, Shant Palajian (director)

Holdings/Facilities: Theresa Bilodeau, David Boyd, Raymond Fowler, Bryan Laskey, Ken Stading

Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP): Chris Adams, Melody Bentley

Clinical Supervisor: Kirby Nave

Outpatient Programs:
Program Managers: Marcia Sandoval, Shilo Satran
Counselors: Misty Espy, Sheila Harrington, Sonder Legari, Daniel Naylor, Sheila Pakkala, Gail Stone, Michael Watson, Clinton Willoughby
Peer Support Specialists: Daisy Cogburn, Cassie Damon, Nichole Fox, Shasta Rodriquez, Mo Waite
Intake Coordinator: Sabrina Monroe
Office Staff: Heather Connell, Heidi Olympius, Brenda Palomera, J.R. Sharpe

Residential Programs:
Program Managers: Tony Hinojosa, Renee J. Reedy, Lori Brock Stewart
Access Manager: Paula Skinner
Counselors: Heather DuVall, Lauren Salmen, David Speigel, Christopher Tyler
Case Managers: George Chau, Nichole Fox, Kelly McEvilly
Support and Office Staff: Jason Achee, Crystell Alley, Anthony Balentine, Jennifer Beaver, Christina Belton, Tina Brannon, Kelsey Brown, Kelly Burrows, Barbara Butler, Alexandra Caton, Douglas Cleveland, Michael Combs, Amy Conaway, Judy Corrie, Breana Franklin, Alan Gruber, Jenny Hamlin, Mandy House, Kelly Kinkey, K'Love Lindsey, Melanie Luevano, Patrick Meskel, Sheona Moore, Darrin Plantegna, Tina Reaves, Will Schacher, Domenica Stabile-Zwart, Kevin Sweet, Marissa Thibert, Celia Welch, Angela Wernecke-Myhre, Christina Woods, Ruth Wymer
Child Care: Courtney Alvarenga, Robin Clevenger (Supervisor), Gabrielle Crozier, Jessica Leonard

Counselors-in-Training: Rosalva Almaraz, Jocksana Corona, Brenda Palomera, Kevin Sweet, Celia Welch