Programs at OnTrack Rogue Valley

Outpatient Programs

Substance Use and Addiction Treatment Services

Offering holistic, person-centered treatment and support for individuals struggling to overcome challenges related to substance use and addiction. All aspects of treatment services are individualized, confidential and respectful. Spanish language services are offered in our Medford outpatient program. OnTrack offers day, evening and Saturday options for scheduling assessments and treatment.

DUII (Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants)

OnTrack offers DUII Education and Rehabilitation programs in English, with Spanish services also offered in Medford. Requirements can be completed evenings, Saturdays or during regular business hours based on individual preference.

Eligibility for the following DUII programs is based on individual requirements:

  • Fast-track DUII Education (30-day program)
  • DUII Education only (8-week program)
  • DUII Rehabilitation (12-week program)
  • DUII with concurrent Alcohol and Drug Treatment

DAAP (Domestic Abuse Alternatives Program)

DAAP groups meet at multiple times each week, including evenings, and serve men and women who have been convicted of domestic violence. This 36-week program meets the requirements for a Batterer-Intervention-Program. (DAAP Program offered in Medford only.)

Groups and services available to meet requirements of:

  • MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) Supportive Counseling
  • Anger Management

Adolescent Services and Programs:

  • Minor in Possession (MIP)
  • Teen DUII
  • Group and Individual Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Family Recovery Counseling: Flexible family counseling designed to work with your family's needs and circumstances.

Alan Collins AIDS Project (HIV Prevention)

Offering HIV prevention education to the community and residential options for low-income clients living with HIV.

Residential Programs

OnTrack Residential Program Referral Form

For more information on access and referrals to our residential programs:
Phone: 541-200-2403
Fax: 855-904-3726

Our residential programs provide substance use and addiction treatment for clients assessed at an ASAM level of care of 3.5. Staff are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The goal of residential treatment is to provide a safe environment for residents to obtain necessary skills to stabilize and reduce symptoms, with the overall goal to decrease level of care. All residential program locations offer a minimum of 20 hours of group counseling per week. Services also include weekly individual counseling and monthly treatment team meetings, couples/family counseling and case management, peer-delivered services, milieu skills training by direct-care staff, random UA’s, and access to medical, mental health or other care needed to support the individual’s recovery process. Transition and discharge planning is an ongoing process that begins at intake. Completion of residential treatment is individualized, based on the client’s identified goals, and is continuously evaluated by the client and his/her treatment team.

The HOME Program (Medford) 

State-licensed, residential substance abuse program serving mothers and their children ages newborn-to-five years old. Call (541) 200-2403 or email for more information on admission and referrals.

The Dad's Program (Medford) 

State-licensed, residential substance abuse program serving custodial fathers and their children ages newborn-to-five years old. Call (541) 200-2403 or email for more information on admission and referrals.

Mountain View Recovery (Grants Pass, OR)

State-licensed, residential substance abuse program for adults. Call (541) 200-2403 or email for more information on admission and referrals.

Second-Chance Housing

Offering housing opportunities for low-income individuals and families who are experiencing barriers that prevent them from renting a residence on their own. Clients do not need to be enrolled in OnTrack programs to benefit from Second Chance, though they must complete relevant services as required by courts, such as drug & alcohol treatment, mental health programs, parole & probation, and debt correction. They must also remain clean and sober and maintain connections to the recovery community as indicated. Call (541) 200-3351 for more information.

Peer Support Services

OnTrack Rogue Valley believes that Peer Support is an important, distinct component of mental health and substance abuse services. Our trained Peer Support Specialists have a unique capacity to support clients based on a shared affiliation and a deep understanding of this experience. Because of this affiliation and understanding, the peer team can support individuals in their recovery and the challenges they may face in overcoming barriers.  Peer Support Specialists may assist with housing coordination, life skills education, emergency needs and numerous other areas of client support.